Plan for Re-Opening of our Churches & More…

We have received from the Diocese of Peoria the letter below along with information regarding the multi-phase reopening of our churches. Also included below that is our plan for the distribution of Holy Communion. Please make note of the car route for receiving as well as how you are to receive. Thank you for all of your prayers and cooperation as we are living in and working through unprecedented times. May God bless you and your families.

Letter from Bishop Jenky
Executive Summary & Multiphase Plan

Distribution of Holy Communion

We are excited to announce that we will begin distributing Holy Communion beginning this Saturday, May 14, 2020.

All those who are able to receive the Body of Christ are to receive in their hands. If you usually receive on the tongue, you are asked to receive in your hands for the safety of both you and Fr. Greg. You will remain in your vehicle and Fr. Greg will distribute to you through your window(s) to all within your vehicle.

We ask all to follow the route included in the link below to avoid any issues with access into and out of the lower parking lot.

Traffic route for Distribution of Holy Eucharist

Additional Directions for Distribution of Holy Communion
    • Please remain in your vehicle at all times.
    • We will have parish volunteer/representative distributing a prayer sheet for you and your family to follow as you proceed through the parking lot.
    • There will also be a collection container where you can give the representative/volunteer your collection envelope. We wish to thank you all for having remembered so generously and sacrificially our parish these past couple of months.
    • Holy Communion will be distributed at the Station in front of the lower hall door.
Notes for the reception of Holy Communion:
    • The usual conditions for Holy Communion apply: must be Catholic and able to receive in a state of grace with an hour fast observed;
    • Holy Communion will be distributed only under the species of bread;
    • Please have your car radio off;
    • Please be sure to cup your hands when you receive as it may be windy;
    • Please roll down any and all vehicle windows nearest to those in your vehicle who will be receiving so as to avoid passing the Host from person to person. A blessing will be given to children and those who cannot receive Holy Communion yet.
Holy Eucharist Distribution Schedule

Fr. Greg will distribute communion for approximately 1/2 hour after each of the scheduled times. IMPORTANT: Please remember to fast one (1) hour prior to receiving the Body of Christ.

    • Monday – Friday: 1pm and 7pm
    • Saturday: 1pm and 4:30pm
      • Confession will be available on Saturday’s from 1:30-2pm.
    • Sunday: Noon – 12:30pm