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St. Joseph Novena – For those on the path to Adoption (click here)

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Prayer to St. Josephine Bakhita for victims of Human Trafficking
Saint Bakhita, as a child you were sold as a slave and had to spend untold difficulties and suffering. Once freed from your physical slavery, you found the true redemption in your encounter with Christ and his Church. Oh, Saint Bakhita, help those who are trapped in slavery, intercede on their behalf before God so that they are freed from the chains of captivity. May God free anyone who has been enslaved by man. Provide relief to those who survive slavery and allow them to see Him as a model of faith and hope. Help all survivors to
find healing for their wounds. We beg you to pray and intercede for those who are enslaved among us. Amen.

Walking With Moms in Need
Walking With Moms in Need is a program of the USCCB. It consists of both prayer and action. As part of the Respect Life Ministry here at St. Mary of Lourdes, we have implemented components of this program through the Walking With Moms in Need Prayer Guides we post each month on our parish website, and the recent baby shower, with donations going to the local pregnancy center in Peoria, Destiny for Women.

We would like to expand our response to this ministry and God’s call to feed the hungry by helping moms and families in need through the meal program at Destiny for Women. Many of you have experienced the blessing of cooked meals being brought to your home after the birth of a child. We want to extend this blessing to moms who would otherwise not receive such a blessing. To sign up to take a cooked meal to one of these moms, contact kate@destinyforwomen.com.

Walking with Moms in NeedJune 2023 prayer guide

Walking with Moms in NeedMay 2023 prayer guide

Walking with Moms in Need April 2023 prayer guide

Walking with Moms in Need March 2023 prayer guide

Walking with Moms in NeedFebruary 2023 prayer guide

Natural Family Planning

Contraception: Why Not? – Transcript of PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Janet E. Smith, Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit MI.

Diocese of Peoria Natural Family Planning Class Schedule