Reconciliation Schedule
Saturday          3:30-4pm
*Individual reconciliation can be made by special appointment by calling 309-383-4460.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is the ordinary way to have our sins forgiven. It is an encounter with the mercy of the living God, who meets us where we are in our weakness and our sins. The source of many graces, it should be celebrated regularly and whenever the need is felt.

First Reconciliation

Preparation normally begins in 2nd grade prior to First Eucharist. The process involves regular attendance of Faith Formation and of Mass and attending a parent meeting held in the fall. First Reconciliation usually occurs in January.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reconciliation

Printable Children’s Examination of Conscience

Printable Teen’s Examination of Conscience

Printable Adult’s Examination of Conscience

For questions or more information

Please contact:
Ileen Grebner, Director of Faith Formation