Welcome to our page containing Family Faith Formation resources, Adult Faith Formation opportunities, resources for Mass, and so much more. Be sure to check back often as resources are added. We will list the dates next to items as we add them to assist you in finding what is new.

Parents: Be sure to check out the section titled “Great Music for Kids”. There are some great songs and even some lesson materials to go along with a song.

Note: For our Pre-K/Kindergarten families, you will find the Holy Heroes and Minute Gospel Reflections very helpful in working through the Seeds Gospel Weeklies program with your child. These are located under the Resources for Mass heading.

Children’s Faith Formation and CCD Program Resources

In this section, parents and families will find the online resources for our PreK through 8th grade Children’s Faith Formation Program (CCD). We are offering both In-Person and an At-Home Faith Formation options for the families at St. Mary of Lourdes. We acknowledge and honor that in today’s times that there is not a one-size-fits-all model for passing on the Catholic faith to our children. We have pledged to work with our families to find the model that best fits their family life.

Learning Our Prayers

The following are short videos with simple movements to help our youngsters learn the Sign of the Cross, the Glory Be (Doxology), the Hail Mary and the Our Father.

PreK – Kindergarten Program Parent Teaching Pages

Early Start Lessons – September 6 & 13
September 20 Parent Page
September 27 Parent Page
October 4 Parent Page
October 11 Parent Page
October 18 Parent Page
October 25 Parent Page
November 1 Parent Page
November 8 Parent Page
Unit 1 (September 20 – November 8)  Extending Activities
Unit 1 (September 20 – November 8) Seasonal Activities – to help celebrate the Liturgical Calendar
Words of the WeekSeeds lessons now offer a Word of the Week to help young children begin
learning the language of the faith. These words are based on thirty-two doctrinal concepts, one for each lesson. The words appear in the student lessons. Definitions are available online here. Parents may support their child’s growing faith vocabulary by reviewing the words and their definitions at home.

Digital Textbook Access for All Grade Levels

Grades 1, 3 – 6 Digital Textbook Access
First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion Video & Digital Textbook Access
Grades 7 & 8 Confirmation Video & Digital Textbook Access

Parent Guides for At-Home Faith Formation for 1, 3 – 6

Grade 1 At-Home Edition
Grade 3 At-Home Edition
Grade 4 At-Home Edition
Grade 5 & 6 At-Home Edition

Study Guides for Grades 1, 3 – 6

Grade 1 Study Guide
Grade 3 Study Guide
Grade 4 Study Guide
Grade 5 & 6 Study Guide

Interactive Session & Unit Reviews for Grades 1, 3 – 6:

Scroll down to find them listed by Unit
Grade 1 Reviews
Grade 3 Reviews
Grade 4 Reviews
Grade 5 & 6 Reviews

Adult Faith Formation

Prayers to Life the Spirit (printable e-booklet)
FORMED Daily (1-2 minutes daily reflection)
FORMED – Signing up Under a Parish (use St. Mary of Lourdes as your parish)
Faith Fuel Blog          (added 9/2/2020)

Family Faith Formation

10 Tips for Teaching your Children to Pray
10 Prayers to Teach your Children
21 Ways to Pray as a Family
Becoming a Family of Prayer
Article: Easy Ways to Teach Your Children About Catholic Saints  (all  year long)      (added 9/2/2020)
Faith and Family Summer Kit
FORMED for Kids – Signing up Under a Parish (use St. Mary of Lourdes as your parish)
September 2020 Kids Calendar            (added 9/2/2020)
September Activities for Kids          (added 9/2/2020)

Great Music for Kids (and Adults too!)

All For You
The B-I-B-L-E 
My God
All of my Heart – all about The Greatest Commandment
Praise Your Name
Superstar – God has plans for you; You are unique; – check back for ideas
He Leadeth Me
Fruit of the Spirit (Lessons to be added, please check back)
Stories (Check back soon… so many ideas for this song! So excited!)
Blessed Assurance – This is a great song to play before you join us virtually for Mass.
Superhero – Doing good in your life every day and helping those in need
If You’re Happy and You Know it
Gotta Move! – (Ideas on how you can be salt and light and share your faith will be coming)
I’ll Do My Best – Think Examination of Conscience. Check back for some ideas for your family to use.
It’s About the Cross – perfect for Christmas season and Holy Week
He Arose – Perfect for the 50 Days of Easter

Resources about Saints

Mary Our Lady          (added 9/2/2020)
Patron Saints – alphabetical listing          (added 9/2/2020)
Saints’ Feast Days – chronological listing          (added 9/2/2020)
Saint of the Day        (added 9/2/2020)
Saint Terminology        (added 9/2/2020)

Resources for College Students

Keeping the Faith: Prayers for College Students – Flip Book        (added 9/2/2020)

Resources for Mass – Includes both Children and Adult resources 

Order of the Mass – resource to follow along and respond during Mass       (added 9/2/2020)

Children’s Missal – Readings and Prayers for the Sunday Mass   

September 6, 2020 – flip book                  (added 9/2/2020)

Adult Missal – Readings and Prayers for the Sunday Mass     
September 6, 2020 – flip book                (added 9/2/2020)

Holy Heroes Sunday Gospel Videos
These are short videos for Sunday’s and Feast days in which the Gospel is acted out in such a way that children can gain a better understanding of the Gospel message.
September 6: The 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time        (added 9/2/2020)
September 13: The 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time      (added 9/2/2020)
Monday, September 14: The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross      (added 9/2/2020)
September 20: The 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time      (added 9/2/2020)
September 27: The 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time      (added 9/2/2020)

Minute Gospel Reflections (for Kids)
A short video reflection on the Sunday Gospel geared towards children.
September 13: Forgiveness Brings Love (added 9/11/2020)

Catholic Kids Homilies
Fun Catholic kids homilies based on the Sunday Readings            (added 9/11/2020)
September 13 – Harry Potter and the Lord’s Call to Us!  24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Diving into the Mass – mini course for kids
Dive into the Mass with these short 3-4 minute videos explain the Mass. Use the worksheets below to reinforce what was included in each video.
* The Sign of the Cross & The Greeting
* The Kyria and The Gloria
* The Collect and the First Reading
* The Psalm and the Second Reading
* The Gospel and the Homily
* The Creed and the Prayer of the Faithful
* The Presentation of the Gifts and the Eucharistic Prayer
* The Sanctus and the Consecration
* The Our Father and the Agnus Dei
* Holy Communion and the Final Blessing
* Worksheets for each video
* Answer Key to the Worksheets

Music for the Soul

Song of the Week – September 2         (added 9/2/2020)

Other Resources

Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring Page
Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring Page
Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring Page
Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring Page
Our Lady of Hope Coloring Page
Our Lady of Fatima Coloring Page
Our Lady of Grace Coloring Page
Our Lady of Guadalupe Coloring Page