Bible Studies

At St. Mary of Lourdes, we offer a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings and Wednesday evenings both in the Fall and again in the Winter/early Spring. The studies help the participants delve into and reflect on the Scripture within their own lives. Each session incorporates discussion and usually a DVD presentation. Parishioners from surrounding parishes are invited to participate.

Upcoming Bible Study Information

For more information, please contact Ileen Grebner, Director of Faith Formation, by calling 309-383-4460 or submitting your information below (see How Do I Find Out More Information?).

Lenten Soup Suppers

During the Season of Lent, we host a Lenten Soup Supper and Speaker Series. This series is held on the Monday’s of Lent (minus the Monday of Holy Week) and features a speaker who takes us on a reflective Lenten journey. The talks may center on the readings for the year or on the themes of Lent but they provide an opportunity for parishioners to enrich their Lenten experience and come together in community with each other.

Each evening begins with prayer at 6pm, followed by the Soup Supper. The speaker is introduced around 6:30pm and our evening ends around 7:30pm.


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How do I find out more information?

For more information or would like to help out with our Lenten Soup Suppers, please contact:
Ileen Grebner, Director of Faith Formation at 309-383-4460 or by completing the form below.

    more informationto make soup for one of the soup suppersto help with set-up and/or clean-up